Switch from Coffee to Matcha in 5 steps

1. Smooth transition

Firs of all, coffee withdrawal feels like having the worst hungover ever. It is therefore important to find a smooth transition so that the body is not put under too much stress. Therefore, I recommend replacing one daily coffee with Matcha Latte in the first 2 days. Then you increase it with another Matcha until you completely replace your coffee consumption at the end of the week.

2. The right preparation

The right preparation is important so that the first Matcha Latte is also a complete success in terms of taste:

  • 1. Put 1 level teaspoon of Matcha (2 bamboo spoons) in a Matcha Bowl (Chawan).

  • 2. Add a little bit of water (approx. 30 ml) and stir until creamy (Z-shaped movements) using a Matcha Whisk (Chasen).

  • 3. Top the Matcha with the frothed milk and enjoy.

3. Not every milk is the same

When preparing Matcha milk plays a major role in terms of taste. There are also many differences. In the best case, you test different ones until you have found your personal favourite. I love a plant-based barista milk. There are very tasty oat or soy milks.

4. Start with more milk than water

I would always recommend Matcha beginners to use less water for the preparation and more frothed milk. The dosage can be adjusted later as desired. Right now my perfect mix is 50% water and 50% frothed milk and I love it. In the beginning I needed more milk than water.

5. Create awareness

Keep reminding yourself why change is important.

For me, the benefits were a compelling argument after just 1-2 weeks and they motivated me even more to stick to drinking Matcha. I felt fitter, more focused, healthier and much more alert. I've recognized that coffee has taken more away from me than it has given me. Matcha is extremely rich in antioxidants and, thanks to the other nutreints it contains, is not only a natural energy booster, but also counteracts anti-aging and strengthens the immune system.