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Buy the Traditional Matcha Mixing Bowls and more accessories

In your Japanese Matcha Mixing Bowl you will experience the perfection of a prepared Matcha. This ritual combines self-love, inner peace, serenity and enjoyment in a single moment. The full Zen experience opens up to you through the use of traditional Matcha Mixing Bowls and matching accessories.

Chasen, Chashaku, Mixing Bowl – Elevate Your Personal Tea Ceremony

Matcha represents not only a drink, but also balance, energy and serenity.
In Japan, tea is prepared and celebrated in a traditional ceremony. This tea ceremony, known as "chadō" (茶道), is a ritual experience based on the principles of Zen philosophy and designed to slow down everyday life. If you want to fully enjoy matcha in its traditional form and take a soothing break from the stressful modern lifestyle, follow the path of matcha tea uand discover the basic utensils essential for traditional matcha preparation:

  • Chashaku (Japanese: 茶杓) – the Matcha spoon: This narrow bamboo spoon allows you to portion Matcha powder with exceptional precision.
  • Chasen (Japanese: 茶筅) – the Matcha whisk: Essential for creating the perfect frothy Matcha experience! The act of whisking with uniform motions has a calming and meditative quality.
  • Chasen Holder: Here, your Matcha whisk can properly dry after cleaning and maintain its shape. Proper storage significantly extends its lifespan.
  • Mixing Bowl: Our Mixing Bowls are handmade and are perfect for the preparation of your Matcha. The mixing of the Matcha is particularly easy thanks to the smooth surface. With the help of the spout, you can pour your matcha into your cup or chawan without future spills. Of course, you can also enjoy the matcha directly from the bowl.

Our Tip: If you want to complete the tea experience, don't forget to pair your Matcha with something sweet. How about some Matcha chocolate?

FAQ: What You Need to Know About Matcha Spoons and Whisks

How do I clean a Matcha whisk?
Use only warm water to clean your Chasen. Rinse it gently under running water immediately after preparation. If the tea has dried on it, you can soak the Matcha whisk for a minute before cleaning. Afterward, let it dry in the Chasen holder.