Matcha tea

Organic delight from East Asia

Matcha Tea

His unique aroma, his jade-green color, his rounded umami taste. Matcha is a delight for all the senses. The green super powder from Japan of the highest organic quality and ceremonial grade: You can buy Matcha tea from us.

What is Matcha tea, actually?
Delicious on the one hand, good for you on the other. We'll tell you about the trending food that has taken the world by storm: Matcha is made from finely ground powder extracted from dried green tea leaves. The name itself comes from Japanese, 抹茶 (ma cha), and literally means "ground tea." The Japanese have long loved and used it for their traditional tea ceremony. Nowadays, Matcha is not only consumed as a beverage but also eaten in various forms, be it cake, chocolate, or ice cream. With its delicately sweet to refreshingly bitter taste, the powder impresses both as a solo act and as a team player. Sweet, creamy, fluffy; many things go well with Matcha tea.

Premium Quality at Health Bar: Buy Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Powder
Not all Matcha is created equal. We have invested a lot of passion and time in finding the perfect tea farm in Japan that creates pure enjoyment. When you buy Matcha tea from us, you get:

  • Organic quality and ceremonial grade
  • Valuable nutrients and antioxidants
  • Regular soil testing
  • A naturally mild and smooth taste
  • Originating from the heartland of green tea (Uji region in Japan)
  • Produced by a family-run business that has been in operation for generations.

What we also pay attention to:
We only have one planet, and we want to preserve it as best as we can. When you purchase Matcha tea from us, you help the non-profit organization Eden Project plant trees and protect the climate. Additionally, we use recyclable materials for our packaging.

How to Prepare Matcha
The big difference from regular tea is that Matcha is not steeped and does not require steeping time. There are no leftover plant parts. Instead, you mix water with the powder, allowing you to consume the entire tea leaf and all its valuable components. Whether you prepare your Matcha ceremonially or with modern utensils from the Western kitchen is up to you! We present both methods:

Matcha Green Tea: The Traditional Way
If you want to enjoy your Matcha in a truly traditional manner, you'll need the appropriate equipment, as used in Japanese Matcha preparation:

  • Chawan (a small ceramic bowl)
  • Chashaku (a narrow bamboo spoon)
  • Chasen (a flexible bamboo whisk)
  • Preferably, low-mineral water

Heat the water to a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius. Using the bamboo spoon, add some Matcha to the bowl. Pour hot water into it, but start with just enough to mix it with the tea powder into a paste. This helps avoid lumps. Once you've stirred the paste smooth, pour the remaining water into the bowl while stirring and use the bamboo whisk to mix and create a frothy texture.

Our Tip: Traditionally, neither milk nor sweeteners are added to Matcha. Instead, a small sweet treat is served to complement the umami taste of the green tea powder. You can also purchase the matching Matcha set from us.

Matcha Green Tea: The Modern Way
Most of us already have a cup, a teaspoon, and a milk frother at home. You can proceed in the same way as the traditional method: Mix hot water and Matcha into a paste, then pour more hot (or even cold) water over it. The milk frother will stir everything well and create a delicious foam on top.

Our Tip: Nevertheless, we recommend using a whisk to avoid excessive foam. Moreover, mixing with the Chasen is part of the ritual and has a meditative quality.

Feel free to add soy milk, rice syrup, ice cubes, or other ingredients to your heart's content! Need inspiration? Then take a look at our ever-growing recipe collection.

FAQ: What You Should Know About Matcha Tea
How long is Matcha good for?
If the package is unopened, it can easily last up to one or one and a half years from the purchase date. Once opened, it's best to consume Matcha within 4 to 6 months.

How should I store Matcha powder properly?
Store your Matcha tea powder in a cool place, protected from light and air, such as in a container in the refrigerator.

How much does good Matcha tea cost?
You can get absolutely pure organic Matcha made from high-quality Tencha leaves from us for 60 euros per 100 grams.

Which Matcha is the best?
This, of course, depends on your taste, but generally, Tencha is a favorite among tea enthusiasts – Matcha made from this high-quality green tea has a particularly mild flavor.

What's so special about Matcha tea?
While you typically steep plant parts in hot water for tea and do not consume them, with Matcha, you drink the entire green tea leaf in its entirety. The powder, which is made from ground leaves, dissolves in water.