Wie lange ist Matcha haltbar?

What is the durability of matcha?

The durability of matcha can depend on various factors, including the way it is stored. In general, matcha retains its best quality when stored in a cool, dry place away from light.

Here are some guidelines on the shelf life of matcha:

1. unopened packaging: unopened matcha can usually last up to a year or longer, depending on how it is stored. It is important to observe the best-before date stated on the packaging.

2. opened packaging: Once the packaging is opened, matcha is best consumed within 3-5 months to ensure the best quality and freshness. It is important to close the packaging well after use and protect the matcha from moisture, air and light.

3. quality and taste: Over time, the quality and taste of matcha can deteriorate. Aging matcha can lose its vibrant green color and fresh taste and may develop a bitter taste. If the matcha begins to lose its freshness or develop unpleasant flavors, it is probably best to stop using it.
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