Discover our exclusive matcha bundles and dive into the world of green tea.
Our carefully curated bundles not only offer premium matcha, but also the perfect equipment to perfectionate your tea experience. From authentic bamboo whisks to handcrafted ceramic bowls, we've thought of everything to ensure you an unforgettable matcha moment.

Why settle for single products when you can save time and money with our bundles? Whether you're a matcha newbie or an experienced tea lover, our bundles are designed to meet your needs.

Our matcha products are produced under the highest quality standards. Don't just enjoy a tea, experience a moment of calm and well-being with our premium matcha bundles.
Order your personal Matcha bundle today and let the quality and taste of our products convince you.

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Discover our exclusive matcha tea bundles

Why our matcha tea bundles?

1. highest quality, best products

In every Health Bar bundle you will find only the highest quality products. Our matcha tea powder is sourced from the best growing regions to ensure you experience the pure, unadulterated flavor of matcha. Combined with our handmade matcha whisks and authentic matcha bowls, our bundles offer an all-round first-class experience.

2. perfect combinations for every taste

Whether you're a matcha enthusiast or just getting into the world of green tea, our bundles are perfectly tailored to different preferences. From beginner sets to advanced bundles, we have the perfect combination for you.

3. Holistic health

Health is at the heart of Health Bar, and our matcha tea bundles are no exception. In addition to traditional matcha products, we also offer complementary items to enhance your tea ceremony while contributing to your holistic health.