Matcha Schokolade

Perfect vegan indulgence

Matcha Chocolate

Looking for a sweet break or the perfect complement to your tea ceremony? Then try our vegan organic matcha chocolate. Different varieties offer something for every taste.

Symphony for the palate: cocoa bean meets green tea powder

Our matcha chocolate contains only vegan organic ingredients. Finely ground matcha powder is combined with cocoa butter. You won't find any industrial sugar here - instead, we use unrefined cane sugar. Together, the ingredients create a unique taste experience that goes perfectly with matcha tea or as a snack between meals.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a powder made from the finely ground leaves of green tea. Our Matcha powder comes from organic cultivation and is Ceremonial grade. A family-run business in Japan grows the Tencha green tea used. Early harvesting of the leaves by hand ensures the sweet and smooth taste with an umami note. You can therefore rest assured that you will only receive matcha chocolate of the highest quality from Health Bar.

Our varieties

  • Classic: This Matcha chocolate contains 100% Ceremonial Grade Matcha for a pure Matcha experience.
  • Strawberry: Freeze-dried strawberries adorn the underside of the Matcha chocolate bar and give the taste experience a fruity note.
  • Roasted Almonds: If you love nuts, you won't be able to avoid this matcha chocolate. Roasted almonds give it extra crunch and a nutty roasted aroma.
  • Magic Shroom: Discover the unique taste experience of our high quality organic matcha combined with carefully selected organic medicinal mushrooms: reishi, lion's mane and shitake. Benefit from the valuable nutrients that this power combination has in store for you.
  • Intense: Enjoy an intense and full-bodied matcha taste in our new matcha chocolate variety! It contains even more Matcha tea with Ceremonial Grade.

Our tip: If you want to give a loved one a very special gift, then our vegan organic Matcha chocolate is the perfect choice. The selected, purely plant-based ingredients create a unique taste experience in a class of its own. You can also serve the chocolate with a tea ceremony.

Are you still missing the right utensils? Then take a look at our matcha equipment for traditional preparation.

FAQ about matcha chocolate

What does matcha chocolate taste like?

You taste the ingredients of a vegan white chocolate, rounded off with the sweet, plant-based notes of matcha. Don't worry: our high-quality Tencha Matcha tastes velvety-sweet with a full umami flavor, without any bitter notes.

How do I store Matcha chocolate?

Like milk chocolate, our organic Matcha chocolate is susceptible to high temperatures. To prevent it from melting, please store it in a place protected from light at room temperature at most. You can also put it in the fridge - then it will be particularly crunchy.

What should I bear in mind when ordering Matcha chocolate?

Due to its sensitivity to heat, we only send our Matcha chocolate from Monday to Thursday when the outside temperature is 24 °C or higher. It's best to make sure that you can receive it so that it doesn't sit in the sun for a long time.

Is Matcha chocolate vegan?

Health Bar's organic matcha chocolate is made from purely plant-based ingredients, making it perfect for a vegan lifestyle. However, this only applies to our products - as chocolate traditionally contains dairy products. With us, however, you can be sure that you are enjoying a vegan treat!

Where does the Matcha chocolate come from?

Our Matcha chocolate is made with love by a chocolatier in his certified organic factory in Europe. He only uses ingredients that come from 100% organic farming.