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Buy the traditional Matcha Bowl and more accessories

Achieve the perfect preparation of Matcha in your Japanese Matcha bowl. Self-love, tranquility, relaxation, and enjoyment all come together in a single ritual. You can experience the full Zen immersion with traditional Matcha bowls, Chawans, and Cups.

Create Your Personal Tea Ceremony

Matcha is more than just a beverage; it represents harmony, serenity, and reverence. In Japan, tea is celebrated as a ritual, not with loud excitement, but with calm and relaxation. The tea ceremony (Japanese: 茶道, chadō) is a ritual rooted in Zen philosophy that slows down daily life and brings people together. If you want to fully enjoy Matcha in the traditional way and take a relaxed break from the modern hectic lifestyle, then embark on the path of tea and celebrate a new sense of life at home:

  • Chawan (Japanese: 茶碗) – the Matcha bowl: Handcrafted from ceramic, it comes in various designs. The wavy rim imitates Japan's irregular mountain landscape. You can purchase your new favorite Matcha bowl from us, available in both traditional and modern shapes and colors.
  • Mixing Bowl: Our Mixing Bowls are handcrafted and perfect for preparing your Matcha. The smooth surface makes mixing Matcha exceptionally easy. With the spout, you can pour your Matcha into your Cup or Chawan without any spills. Of course, you can also enjoy Matcha directly from the bowl.
  • Moon & Ocean Cups: Start your day with a warm Matcha in your Moon Cup. Our Cups are handcrafted in a Berlin-based ceramics studio. The Moon Cups feature a small crescent moon, complemented by a beautiful glossy glaze as a finish.

Why a Matcha Bowl elevates your tea enjoyment

A Matcha bowl adds that special touch to your relaxing ritual. Traditional Chawans are designed optimally for the tea ceremony. They are comfortable to hold, have a pleasing tactile feel, and are easy to clean. You can also whisk your tea directly in them, eliminating the need to transfer. Japanese Matcha bowls are handcrafted, adorned with black dots or brush strokes, and finished with a gloss. Their appearance is a true delight.

Our Tip: If you want to complete the tea journey, don't forget to pair your Matcha with something sweet. How about Matcha chocolate?

FAQ: What You Should Know About Matcha Bowls

What is a Matcha bowl?
The first Matcha bowls were imported from ancient China to Japan at the beginning of the 13th century and have since become a staple in Japanese tea ceremonies. The wavy rim of the handcrafted bowl symbolizes Japan's irregular mountain landscape. It is one of the most important and often the most expensive components of the Japanese tea ceremony.

How large should a Matcha bowl be?
Ideally, the diameter of its opening should be between 11 and 13 centimeters, with a height between 6 and 8 centimeters. This size provides ample space for the Chasen, the Matcha whisk, without being too large.